Our mission is for children to discover their strengths and pursue their interests through an academically challenging curriculum. We want children to develop social, emotional, and spiritual intelligence so they are happy, confident people who will become leaders who understand their unique purpose in this world.

Our Vision

Jewish Spiritual Development:  Through an integrated Jewish education, students develop a love of and connection to G-d, Torah, and Misvot. Students learn tools to become independent and lifelong Torah learners. Students develop a strong command of the Hebrew language, taught in the Sephardic tradition. All subjects are approached through the lens of the Torah.

Integrated Project-Based Curriculum: Children learn core academics through integrated projects that ensure they come away with a strong foundation in math, reading, writing, science, and social studies.

Social and Emotional Development: Children are supported in developing emotional stability and positive relationships by learning how to cope with big emotions and deal with social conflict.

Critical Thinking Through Child-Centered Learning: Every child has a natural curiosity that is supported through a flexible curriculum that fosters independence and leadership. Children are continually challenged to question and discover answers on their own in everything they do.

The Arts: Children explore a variety of arts including music, fine arts, drama, and dance, with opportunities to deepen their skills.

Practical Life Skills: Children learn skills such as financial literacy, cooking, cleaning, gardening, organization, time management, personal hygiene, sewing, handiwork, and public speaking.

Reflection: Children are given time and guidance to reflect on their learning, decisions, and relationships, as well as their individual strengths and challenges. Reflecting on experiences gives children the opportunity to learn about themselves and others.

Healthy Living: Children experience healthy living through nutrition and food, movement, breathing, stress management, and interacting with nature and animals.

Alliance of School and Home Values: Children, parents, and staff work together to support the holistic development of each child and build a strong community.